temporary food standAnnual temporary food and drink licenses are issued to food vendors for special events. Examples include fairs, festivals, sporting events, or farmers’ market. A temporary food stand serves food to the public at one location for no more than 14 consecutive days.

Food Safety Requirements


To alleviate some of the financial burden on our licensed establishments due to COVID-19, we have reverted our license fees back to 2019 rates effective April 2, 2020.

Licensing Exemptions

  • A non-profit food stand serving meals may operate up to three days within a calendar year. After three days, a license and payment will be required.
  • A non-profit food stand serving retail foods (non-meals) are allowed to operate up to twelve days per calendar year. After twelve days, a license and payment will be required.
  • For fee exempt days, non-profit groups must still register by submitting a Temporary Food and Drink license application to LEadmin@publichealthmdc.com and follow safe food handling practices.
  • Food stands at youth sporting events, such as a little league game, that operate for the benefit of the youth sports team or program.

Temporary Food Licenses from Other Jurisdictions

  • Food vendors at special events with a current temporary or transient food license from another jurisdiction may vend at Dane County events.
  • Make sure to have the current license with you to avoid having to purchase a temporary food license from our department.

Even with a non-Public Health Madison & Dane County license, you may still be subject to an inspection.

Event Coordinator Information

The event coordinator has an important role in assuring food safety.  By working together, we will:

  • Identify and resolve potential public health concerns before the event
  • Ensure vendors complete their license application and pay fees.
  • Educate vendors about food safety requirements.
  • Provide Health Department representative at vendor meeting(s) if requested.

Event coordinators must complete and submit the Event Information, Event Map and Event Vendor List to the Environmental Health Division at least 14 days before the event.