Chalk Drawing of Connections

We support community health initiatives by convening stakeholders, catalyzing action, and serving as a partner for community initiatives to improve well-being, particularly among groups most affected by negative health outcomes.

How We Support Community Health Initiatives

We work to provide our community with information to support data-informed decisions; strategies and technical assistance to implement programs and policies that are designed to improve health; and evaluation expertise to measure what’s working.

Utilizing Data to Inform Policies and Programs to Improve Health

We collect, analyze, and communicate health-related data to assess community health, track health trends, prevent diseases, and inform policies and programs to improve health.

Analyzing and Developing Policies that Support Healthy Environments

We track policies that impact health, and work with partners to incorporate health considerations into decision-making.

Collaborating to Develop and Evaluate Strategies to Improve Health

We collaborate with partners by providing assistance in program development and evaluation, ensuring that projects identify appropriate goals, criteria for success, and metrics to track results.

Building Community Capacity to Advance Health Equity

We engage in community outreach and collaboration using a health and racial equity framework to support policy, systems and environmental change to improve community health.

Specific Initiatives to Improve Community Health

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be healthy.  Some focus areas we are  working with community partners on include: