Our Roadmap to Reducing Violence

Cover of Roadmap to Reducing Violence

Our Violence Prevention Unit coordinates our violence prevention plan, Roadmap to Reducing Violence.

We use local data and proven strategies to:

  • Create and carry out our priorities and approaches to violence
  • Coordinate our efforts with community partners
  • Put the Roadmap into action
  • Oversee the evaluation of  our work

We work with community and government partners to:

  • Address risk factors for violence
  • Build upon factors that are known to prevent violence

We use community and partner feedback so that evolving issues, trends, and priorities are included.

We support community-based programs, initiatives, and activities that support the goals and objectives of the Roadmap. You can see a list of 2024 awardees and stay tuned about future funding opportunities.

The Roadmap’s 5 goals to reducing violence in our communities

  • Goal 1: Understand violence in our community through data
  • Goal 2: Support community engagement with children, youth and families
  • Goal 3: Foster strong neighborhoods
  • Goal 4: Bolster and increase intervention and continuous healing for those affected by violence
  • Goal 5: Strengthen community capacity, engagement, and coordination of violence prevention efforts

How a public health approach informs the plan

Violence is a widespread, complicated public health issue. It has a deep impact on health, opportunity, and well-being throughout life.

A public health approach looks at the root causes of violence to learn how to prevent it. This means we look at inequities and the underlying drivers of violence.

While some of this work can make an impact in the short-term, to see lasting change, some work will be long-term.

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