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We track hospital and ambulance data to look for unexpected increases, or spikes, in drug-involved overdoses. If we see a spike, we send out an alert. Our alerts give as much detail as we can to prevent overdose deaths.

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What can cause a spike?

A change in the local drug supply may cause a spike.

Very strong additives are being mixed into all types of drugs. This includes heroin, cocaine, counterfeit or fake prescription pills, and meth.

Who should sign up for Overdose Spike Alerts?

  • People who use drugs
  • Friends and family of people who use drugs
  • Service providers

What should you do if there is an overdose spike?

For people who use drugs

Take Steps for safer drug use:

  • Test all drugs for fentanyl and Xylazine before using
  • Carry Narcan® (naloxone) 
  • Get safer use supplies, including fentanyl and Xylazine test strips and Narcan® from our Syringe Services Program : 2705 E. Washington Ave. or 2300 S. Park St. in Madison. You can also ask a pharmacist for Narcan®. 
  • Avoid using street drugs alone; call Never Use Alone at (877) 696-1996

For everyone in our community

Recognize the signs of an overdose: 

  • Pale, sweaty or clammy skin
  • Lips/fingertips turn blue
  • Slow or irregular breathing: gasping, gurgling, or snoring
  • Difficult or unable to wake
  • Always call 911 if you suspect someone is overdosing
  • Contact the Behavioral Health Resource Center of Dane County for treatment and recovery resources: (608) 267-2244

Resources & Handouts for Service Providers

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