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We Inspect and License All Dane County Hotels

All Dane County Hotels must be licensed and inspected each year. We do this to make sure they meet all requirements of Wisconsin law related to general public health.

You can read our inspection reports for hotels. They tell you the conditions we saw at the time of inspection. Reports may not reflect corrective actions the establishment made, or the current condition.

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What is a Hotel?

A hotel is a place where five or more sleeping accommodations are offered for pay to visitors.

How to Get Your Hotel Licensed

  1. Zoning and Taxes

    Zoning: Find out if you need to meet zoning conditions.

    • For the City of Madison: Call City of Madison Zoning at (608) 266-4551. If required, get a Conditional Use approval from the City of Madison.
    • For Dane County (outside the City of Madison): Contact your municipal or township clerk. Townships and municipalities have varying policies.

    Sellers Permit: Get a Wisconsin Seller’s Permit.

    Room Tax: Register with your local clerk if your municipality collects room taxes.

    • For the City of Madison: Fill out the Room Tax Registration form. Learn when Room Tax Exemptions apply to guests.
    • For Dane County (outside the City of Madison): Contact your municipal or township clerk to:
      • Find out if your municipality collects room tax
      • Get a Room Tax Certificate if required
  2. Apply for a license

    Check the license fees. Complete a lodging license application and send it to the City Clerk’s office with payment.

  3. Schedule an inspection

    Call (608) 242-6515 or email us to schedule a pre-inspection of your property. Your license must be approved before you can rent out sleeping accommodations.

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