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If You Need Immunizations for Work

Ask your doctor or look in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry to see what you've already had.

Some adult vaccines are free at our clinics if you do not have insurance that pays for vaccines. See if you qualify for our Adult Immunization Clinics.

Child Care Providers

It is recommended that all City of Madison child care workers get these immunizations. This is to protect you and the children you care for.

Health Care Workers and Long Term Care Providers

Some immunizations are required, and others are recommended. This is to protect you and your patients. Check with your employer about which vaccines are required for your agency.

Immunizations Needed for Daycare and School

Some children can get free immunizations at our Immunization Clinics.

Daycare requirements

To protect children from diseases. Wisconsin requires some immunizations for school and daycare.

School requirements

All students through grade 12 are required to have certain immunizations based on their grade and age.


Immunizations Needed for Travel

Going somewhere? Prepare BEFORE you go, as far in advance as possible. Learn what immunizations and medications you might need at CDC Destinations.

Ask your doctor or look in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry to see what you've already had. We do not issue replacement immunization cards.

If you have health insurance that pays for travel immunizations, call your clinic and ask where to go for a travel clinic appointment.

How to Get Travel Immunizations Not Covered by Your Insurance

We do not give most of the immunizations usually recommended for travel. See a list of Adult Immunizations we do give.

Where to Get Immunizations


Some pharmacies also offer travel immunizations:

  • Walgreens
    • 311 E. Campus Mall. Madison, WI 53715, (608) 251-0042
    • 3700 University Ave., Madison, WI 53705, (608) 238-7109
    • 2931 S. Fish Hatchery Rd., Madison, WI 53711, (608) 277-0087
  • Hometown Pharmacy Oregon (608) 835-3191 (Prices available online.)
  • Forward Pharmacy, 429 West Cottage Grove Road, Cottage Grove.
  • Costco Pharmacy. Call the location nearest to you for information.


For students, check your student health services.

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