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For people who live in Dane County, Wisconsin

We are providing most of our WIC services over the phone. Staff are available by phone for appointments and questions at (608) 267-1111.

  • If you have a scheduled appointment, you will get a phone call from us on the day of the appointment.
  • WIC benefits will be loaded onto your WIC card at the time of the phone call.
  • We can mail WIC materials or you can call ahead to arrange a time to pick them up at our office at 2705 E. Washington Ave, 2nd floor.

WIC Farmers' Market Checks

Using eWIC Cards

Checking eWIC Balance

  • Go to Wisconsin MyWIC app
  • Look at the balance on your last grocery store receipt
      • Under “EBT Cardholders” Select “More Information”
      • You will be prompted to enter your eWIC card number and PIN
    • Call 1-877-231-3452, (listed on the back of your eWIC card)
    • Ask for the card balance at the grocery store

Breastfeeding Peer Counselors

Breastfeeding Peer Counselors help moms meet their breastfeeding goals by offering information, resources, and support. Peer Counselors are breastfeeding moms trained by WIC to help prepare mom's to successful breastfeed their babies and navigate any issues they encounter. Moms have regular contact with their Peer Counselor and have access to them via phone, email, and text to ensure they feel well supported and confident through their breastfeeding journey.

Vehicle Registration Gift Cards

Families who participate in WIC, who own a car(s), and live in the City of Madison are eligible to receive a $40 VISA gift card. The gift card is an initiative funded by the City of Madison to off-set the burden of the additional $40 vehicle registration fee that is in effect for 2021. If a family has more than one vehicle, they are eligible for more than one gift card.

To receive a gift card, WIC participants must first pay their vehicle registration in 2021. They must also provide proof that the registration was paid. The Certificate of Vehicle Registration must be shown at the time the gift card is received. This certificate is mailed with vehicle tags.

Gift cards will be provided from the clinic located at 2705 E. Washington by appointment.

Contact WIC at 608-267-1111 for more information.

WIC Approved Foods Booklet

Wisconsin MyWIC app (Google Play Store)

Wisconsin MyWIC app (Apple Store)

On your smartphone you can now:

  • Search WIC foods
  • View benefit balance
  • Find stores
  • View WIC messages

WIC Rights and Responsibilities

Nondiscrimination Statement (English, Español, Hmong)