Health Insurance Options

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If you don’t have health insurance, it is harder to get health care. You may also have large medical bills to pay.

If you can get good, affordable health insurance from your job or spouse's job, you should take it. If you don't, you may not be eligible for certain other options.

If you are under 26 years old, you can stay on your parent's insurance. You might also be eligible for BadgerCare Plus or your own Marketplace plan.

BadgerCare Plus

BadgerCare Plus is Medicaid for:

  • Citizens with low income who are younger than 65
  • Qualified immigrants who are younger than 65
  •  Children and pregnant women are eligible at higher income levels.

To find out if anyone in your family is eligible and to apply, go to ACCESS.

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Marketplace Insurance Plans

(Also known as Obamacare,, or Affordable Care Act)
For more information go to or call 1-800-318-2596.

Get Free, Local Help

Covering Wisconsin is a nonprofit organization that helps people find and use health insurance.

Talk to a health insurance navigator for free to:

  • Find plans and best prices
  • Sign up for, BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid
  • Understand your health insurance questions
  • Solve billing or coverage problems

There are two ways to make an appointment:

Seniors and People with Disabilities

Call the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dane County at (608) 240-7400. They can help you apply for public benefits like Medicare and Social Security.

Children's Long-Term Support Services

Call Compass Wisconsin Threshold at (608) 692-2865. They help families apply for benefits for children with special health care needs.

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