person presentingOverdose Prevention

People who use drugs are often stigmatized and underserved by systems of care. To combat this fact, we work with community partners to prevent overdoses and help save lives.

Why it Matters

We are in the midst of a drug overdose crisis. Since 2000, Dane County has seen a 139% increase in the number of people who died of a drug overdose. They are our friends and neighbors who are loved and missed. Their deaths were 100% preventable.

What the Data Shows

  • 365 people died from a drug overdose in Dane County from 2018-2020.
  • Synthetic opioids, like Fentanyl, are causing a steep increase in overdose deaths. From 2018-2020, 70% of drug overdose deaths in Dane County involved synthetic opioids.
  • In 2020 there were over 758 opioid-related hospital visits.
  • Long-standing systemic racism and bias has led to communities having unequal access to resources. From 2018-2020 the drug overdose death rate among Black people was more than 3 times the rate among White people.
  • Learn more about the latest data, recommendations, and action steps to prevent future drug overdose deaths for Dane County: Drug Overdose Deaths in Dane County

How We’re Working to Prevent Overdoses and Reduce Drug Harm