Dane County Alliance Against Commercial Tobacco

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The Dane County Alliance Against Commercial Tobacco is made up of people and organizations from Dane County. We work to achieve the following mission and vision:


A county free from tobacco related death and disease.


Reduce tobacco related disease and death by preventing the initiation of tobacco use among youth, promoting quitting among young people and adults, eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke, and identifying and eliminating tobacco related health disparities.

The Alliance is funded by the Wisconsin Tobacco Prevention and Control Program.

What We Do

We work to prevent youth and young adults from using tobacco and nicotine

  • We work with schools to add or enhance existing tobacco free policies. 
  • We make sure retailers aren't selling tobacco and nicotine products to minors. You can see Dane County tobacco sales data on the Wisconsin WINS website: 

See our tobacco check results

We promote resources to help people quit tobacco

We promote the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line and other local quit tobacco resources.

We promote policies that reduce the use of and exposure to tobacco and nicotine products

  • We promote and support smoke-free and vape-free environments including:
    • Workplaces
    • Beaches and Parks
    • College Campuses
    • Schools
    • Housing. We educate property owners and managers about the benefits of smoke free policies for their rental units. Learn more, or contact us!
  • We assess where and how tobacco products are sold.
  • We promote ways to reduce disparities in tobacco related outcomes.

We educate and advocate alongside our coalition volunteers

  • We develop community partnerships to change social norms on tobacco use.
  • We educate local/state policymakers about commercial tobacco policy.
  • We educate the community about tobacco related topics through events and presentations.

Join our Coalition

Want to participate on our advisory board or educate policy makers and the community? Contact us!


For store owners and managers

  • State statute requires that retail clerks complete a state-approved tobacco and nicotine training. The Department of Health Services' Tobacco Check training is free and available online. Store owners or managers log in and activate their store so clerks can complete the training. Here is A STEP-BY-STEP guide to activate your store.
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