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About the PHMDC

Welcome to our website

We encourage you to explore our site to find answers to your questions and practical preventive information to help you achieve optimal health for yourself, your family and our community.

Public Health Services are available to all residents and visitors of Madison and Dane County. Citizenship is not a requirement. We provide services regardless of a person's race, color, gender/gender expression, ability, religion, sexual orientation or place of birth/place of residence. As our poster says, All Are Welcome Here!

Janel Heinrich, MPH, MA
Public Health Madison & Dane County

our Vision

Healthy People. Healthy Places.

our mission

Working with the community to enhance, protect, and promote the health of the environment and the well being of all people.


Collaboration. We nurture our partnerships and encourage cooperation at every level, across boundaries. We create a mutually supportive environment, remove obstacles to success, and enable people to get involved in making decisions about their work.

Public Accountability. We are accountable to each other and our community. We are approachable and receptive to constructive feedback or suggestions from all sources. We are stewards of public funds, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Equity and Inclusion. We create an inclusive workforce through openness, collaborative learning, and intentionality. We are committed to identifying and eliminating ways our policies, programs, and practices are structural barriers to achieving equity and racial justice. We value the strengths, perspectives, and contributions of a diverse workforce and community.

Excellence. We demonstrate competence and hold high standards for our work, relying on evidence and data to help guide decisions whenever possible. We create a workplace where team members can flourish and achieve their greatest potential as public health professionals.

Integrity. We cultivate trust and build strong relationships through our commitment to ethical action, compassion, and transparency. We assume good intent, practice active listening, and use our words responsibly.

Creativity and Innovation. We encourage fresh ideas, unique experiences, and new perspectives. We support an environment of problem-solving and learning from mistakes.

Bring Our Best Selves to Work. We maintain our emotional and physical health as individuals and as an organization.