Data note as of 1/20/22: The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) implemented a new process over the weekend to auto-import positive test results from the “staging” area in the statewide data system, WEDSS. Before this new process, our dashboard included cases from staging in our case counts, but DHS did not, causing a discrepancy between the two.

Our dashboard assigns cases to the date of their positive test result, while DHS assigns cases to the date they were processed out of staging. Therefore, DHS, and other sources who use their data such as the CDC and the New York Times, will show more elevated case numbers for Dane County over the past week than what our dashboard shows, and lower case numbers for the couple weeks before that. We recommend viewing our dashboard for the most accurate assessment of current trends. Going forward, our case counts should much more closely match what DHS reports.

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Data are updated Monday through Friday at 10:30am. If we experience a delay in receiving data files, data will be updated at 2:30pm or as soon as we are able. Please check the timestamp on the landing page to determine when the dashboard was last updated. The dashboard will not be updated on observed holidays. Please see the Wisconsin Department of Health Services dashboard on those dates to see data.

Data Snapshot

Each week we share a data snapshot that highlights a few key data points from the week and updates our progress. We also publish a blog post each Thursday titled "Data Notes," which explains the trends and themes we're seeing. To get notification when a new blog is posted, subscribe on this page. You can find past blog posts there as well.

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Consult the PDF above for data notes on the dashboard and for frequently asked questions.

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Comparison to Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Data

The numbers presented on this local dashboard may not match the numbers presented for Dane County on the DHS COVID-19 data pages. This can be due to timing of when data are posted, or the way we assign dates to cases and tests. DHS often uses the earliest date of either symptom onset or test specimen collected date as the date a case is counted. We use the date of test result, as this is the date the person is known to have COVID-19.

Special COVID Reports

COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage among People Receiving Homeless Services in Dane County (October 2021)