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  • Face Covering Emergency Order #6 will be in effect January 3, 2022 at 12:01 am until February 1, 2022. See Face Covering Emergency Order #6 and our news release for details. 

    • See full order for certain situations where a face covering may be removed.
    • Face coverings are also required while driving or riding in any form of public transportation.
    • Face coverings are required among people ages two and older when in any enclosed space open to the public where other people, except for members of the person’s own household or living unit, are present.
    • If everyone in an enclosed space is fully vaccinated, people are then able to remove their masks. See full order for details. People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech’s or Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine or two weeks after their first dose of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine.

What is an enclosed, public space?

A space is enclosed if it has a roof and more than two substantial walls. A substantial wall is a wall with no opening or with an opening that either does not allow air in from the outside or is less than 25 percent of the wall's surface area. 

A space is public if a member of the public can enter it or if it is subject to ADA laws. Examples:
  • An event at a venue may be a private event, but because the venue is a public space subject to ADA laws, it is considered a public space. 
  • A workspace may be closed to the public but because it is still subject to ADA laws, it is considered a public space. People working there must wear masks in congregate spaces but may remove masks in private offices with a door if they are alone.

How is this order enforced?

With the Face Covering Emergency Order, masks are required among employees and customers ages two and up in indoor public spaces. When it comes to compliance, the mission is to educate and work with business owners and other entities to gain voluntary compliance if possible. First, complaints are collected and the compliance team follows up with a letter. Then, if there is an additional complaint filed following an initial notification period, The compliance team will follow up with additional outreach.

Enforcement, in the way of fines, is the final step when all of outreach and education efforts have failed.  Prior to issuing a citation, there would be an on-site visit from a representative from Public Health. If non-compliance is observed, a citation would be issued:

  • $376 within City of Madison
  • $263.50 outside of the City (under the County ordinance)
Please email us if you believe a business is operating unlawfully.

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