How Can I Access Free Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Dane County?


In 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court eliminated safe and legal abortion access in Wisconsin. The decision has created new barriers to receiving critical reproductive healthcare in Dane County. We are working to fill the gaps by increasing options for pregnancy prevention and providing all-options pregnancy counseling.

We have more free pregnancy prevention options at our clinics

We already offer a wide range of free services at our Sexual Health clinic, including birth control, pregnancy testing, sexual health testing, emergency contraception, and more. We also now offer Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) options like Intrauterine devices (IUDs) and Nexplanon (arm implant).

IUDs are an effective, non-permanent birth control option that can prevent pregnancy for a long time, but can be removed when the person wants it to be.

Our clinic is located at 2705 E. Washington Avenue. Call (608) 243-0411 to make an appointment.

Are you pregnant? We can help you navigate your next steps

Our Reproductive Health Nurse Navigator program is a free and confidential service. A simple phone call or text will connect you with a registered nurse to help review all options for pregnancy. These options includes abortion, adoption, and parenting resources.

We can either meet in person or chat over the phone. You can decide which you prefer. During the consultation, we’ll listen to your needs, help you decide the next steps, and get the details we need to connect you to the right services.

You can reach our Nurse Navigators by call or text at (608) 690-0893 or filling out a short form.

Note: this is not a crisis line. For immediate help, call the National All-Options Talkline at (888) 493-0092.

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