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We Inspect and License All Dane County Tattoo and Body Piercing Facilities

All Dane County tattoo and body piercing facilities (including permanent make-up facilities) must be licensed and inspected each year. We do this to make sure health and safety standards are met to prevent infection and disease.

You can our read inspection reports for tattoo and body piercing facilities. They tell you the conditions we saw at the time of inspection. Reports may not reflect corrective actions the establishment made or the current condition.

Look up health inspection reports

Thinking of Opening a Tattoo or Body Piercing Establishment?

  • All tattoo and body piercing activities must occur in a licensed establishment
  • All tattooists and body piercers must hold a practitioner’s license

Learn about codes, licenses, and general requirements of owning a tattoo or body piercing establishment.

We’re happy to talk with you before you sign a lease or apply for a license to make sure your establishment meets all health requirements.

How to Get Your Tattoo or Body Piercing Establishment Licensed

The City of Madison Clerk's Office handles all tattoo and body piercing establishment licensing fees in Dane County. 

  1. Complete the Tattoo/Piercing Establishment License Application
  2. Look up your Licensing Fee
  3. Send your application and payment to the City Clerk's Office. The address is listed on the application.
  4. Schedule a pre-inspection with us. Call (608) 242-6515 or email
  5. After your application and payment are processed and your pre-inspection is complete, you will get your license.
  6. If you have questions, call (608) 242-6515 or email

We want to better serve you! Fill out our 2-minute anonymous feedback survey about your health inspection.

How to Get Your Practitioner License

All tattooists and body piercers must hold a Practitioner’s License. You can apply for and renew a license online from WI Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). Call (608) 266-2112 or email DSPS with questions.

Applicable Codes

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