Needle & Syringe Disposal

Used needles and other sharps are dangerous if they are not disposed of safely. They can hurt people and spread infections that cause serious health conditions.

Dispose of sharps safely so no one gets hurt

Put all needles and other sharps in a sharps disposal container right after using them. This reduces the risk of needle-sticks, cuts, or punctures.

  1. Put the syringe, needle first, in a sharps container or a rigid, puncture-resistant container like a plastic laundry detergent bottle with a secure lid or cap.
  2. Clearly label the container with the words “biohazard,” “infectious waste,” or “sharps.” Do not put it in the trash.
  3. When the container is full, seal it. Options for disposal include:

For more information go to the DNR household waste website.

Syringe Services Program

You can dispose of used syringes and get new syringes at our offices.

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Be Smart With Sharps, US Food and Drug Administration

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