Public Health Offers Free Private Well Testing for “Forever Chemicals”


Starting this month, Public Health Madison & Dane County is providing free PFAS water testing for eligible homeowners with private wells in Dane County.

PFAS chemicals are common in our environment. Also known as “forever chemicals”, PFAS do not change or break down easily. Exposure can happen through the air, soil, and even our drinking water.

“We are still learning about these ‘forever chemicals’ but we know they can have long-term impacts on our health,” said Environmental Health Specialist Chee Thao. “Increasing access to well testing will not only help us get a better idea of the amount of PFAS in private wells but more importantly, helps homeowners make informed decisions for their health.”

Public Health is working with Pace Analytical Services to offer testing using County funding to anyone living outside of the City of Madison. The free service is available through June 2024 or as long as funding lasts.

“These tests usually cost hundreds of dollars, but this funding makes it free for those who are eligible,” said Thao. “The eligibility requirements are based on income and the number of people in the household. For a family of four to qualify, they would need to verify an annual household income under $94,650.”

"Dane County funded this initiative to provide homeowners with private wells added resources to help ensure the water they're drinking is safe," County Executive Joe Parisi said. "We know PFAS is becoming ever more prevalent, and this testing will provide valuable information to property owners and policy makers as we explore ways to mitigate their impacts."

To apply for free testing, just fill out an application and send it to  

If you do not meet the income eligibility requirements, paid testing is also available at a lower price than many other labs are offering.


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