Dog in parkOur Animal Services Officers:

  • Respond to calls including injured wildlife, stray animals and animal welfare concerns
  • Educate people about animal care and staying safe around animals

Urgent Animal Related Calls in Dane County, Wisconsin 

(608) 255-2345

  • Animal bites. Call or use the button, below.

Report an animal bite

Your report will be sent to an Animal Services Officer, who will follow up with you as soon as possible.

You can also call (608) 255-2345 to have an Animal Services Officer sent to help with:

  • Aggressive animals
  • Accumulation of animal waste
  • Animals in traffic
  • Investigation of cruelty/neglect
  • Rabies quarantines and testing
  • Sick or injured animals, either wild or domestic
  • Domestic animals running at large

We do NOT help with:

  • Barking dogs. Please call your local police department.
    • Madison Police Department: (608) 266-4275
  • Nuisance wild animals. Please call a private pest control service.

Non-Urgent Animal Related Calls

(608) 267-1989 or email

Call or email for:

  • Information about animal care and health
  • Education about staying safe around animals and preventing rabies
  • Non-urgent complaints
  • General information

Dead Bird Reporting

If you find a dead bird, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website for instructions. If you are told to dispose of the dead bird, don’t touch it with your bare hands. Wear gloves or an inverted plastic bag and then put it in your regular trash. Wash your hands after putting the bird in the trash.