Will you be our Valentine?


Just a few love notes from us to you.

Love is eternal, but flu shots are annual.


You and I go together like humidity and moisture…  But thankfully we don't cause blue-green algae.


I can feel my temperature rising!   So yeah, gonna need to postpone our date, love.


All you need is love.   But just in case, having an emergency preparedness kit doesn't hurt.


My heart burns for you.  But unlike wildfires, my love doesn't affect air quality.


Our love passes the test!


I've smashed  that like button, Valentine!  publichealthmdc.com/email-lists


I'm ready to take the next step, Valentine!  I've salted my sidewalk following SaltWise best practices.


You know the route straight to my heart!  It's Yahara River Bike Path to Capital City Trail.


Roses are red, If the algae is blue, Stay out of the water and skinny dip somewhere new!


Talk data to me.  publichealthmdc.com/data


True love is rare, unlike STDs.  But STDs are treatable, unlike this lovesick feeling.


Box of chocolates:  Cliché  Mixed bag  Boring  Sunscreen:  Sensual: you rub it on! Surprising: you're a romantic risk taker!  Thoughtful: you don't want your Valentine to get skin cancer!


Cupid doesn't need a bullseye rash to mark you, Valentine!

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