New Art Exhibit Highlights Health Connections


This summer we released our 2023 Community Health Assessment, which identifies key community health needs, issues, and assets. The next step of this process is a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), which is a long-term, systematic plan to build upon existing community health assets and address health issues.

The CHIP includes seven priority areas that impact the health of our community:

  • Access to Mental Health Care
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Racial Diversity & Inclusion
  • Education Equity
  • Food Security 
  • Green Space

While our CHIP Overview is forthcoming, over the last six months, we’ve been working with Developing Artists, Murals, & Alliances (DAMA) to create a series of murals about these CHIP priorities. We attended community events throughout Dane County and collaborated with many organizations to gather community ideas on mural designs and facilitate community paint sessions. 

Together, we created seven murals to represent our seven CHIP priorities and show their connections to health, and you’re invited to come see them! The murals are showcased at Garver Feed Mill’s Canvas Gallery (3241 Garver Green, Madison), and the exhibit runs from December 2 through January 17.  

We hope you’ll take some time to stop by the exhibit over the 7-week-long run to learn a little bit more about the community health assessment and improvement plan process, take in the community-inspired images, and revel in DAMAs artistic talents!

Below is a preview of each mural (click the words "This mural" in each caption to see the full-size image). But keep in mind the photos really don’t do them justice—please come down to Garver Feed Mill to see them with all their rich details! 

Murals developed, produced, and copyrighted by Developing Artists, Murals, & Alliances.

This content is free for use with credit to Public Health Madison & Dane County .

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