COVID-19 Vaccine

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Everyone 6 months and older is eligible for vaccine in Wisconsin.

Read more about the vaccine and timing on the CDC's website

Where can I be vaccinated?

  • With us: We can only vaccinate certain groups of people. See below for more details.
  • At a pharmacy: Local pharmacies offer appointments for vaccination.
  • At your doctor's office: Check if your provider is offering COVID vaccinations in their office.
  • At This website has details for thousands of vaccine providers. 

Is the vaccine free?

Due to the end of the COVID emergency declaration, manufacturers are charging for vaccines, but most people should still be able to get them for free. 

  • If you have health insurance: Vaccination should be free, with no co-pay. Check with your provider for details. Visit, your local pharmacy, or you doctor's office to get vaccinated.
  • If you don't have health insurance or have a child (18 years or younger) on BadgerCare: We can vaccinate you for free. See details below.

Vaccinations from Public Health Madison & Dane County 

We can only vaccinate these groups of people (and vaccination is free):

  • People who do not have health insurance
  • People whose health insurance does not cover vaccinations
  • Children (6 months to 18 years) who are on BadgerCare, who are eligible for BadgerCare, or who are Native American or Alaskan Native

Book an appointment at one of our offices

Visit one of our mobile clinics (no appointment needed)

Lost Vaccination Cards

We cannot issue replacement COVID-19 vaccination cards. If you've lost your card, follow these instructions:

I was vaccinated in Wisconsin

You can access and print your entire vaccination record using the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR). Your WIR record can be used in place of your vaccination card.

I was vaccinated in another state

If you received your vaccination in another state, go to that state department of health website to determine how to get a copy of your record.

Credible Sources for Answering Your Vaccine Questions

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