One out of every eight women in the United States are at risk of developing breast cancer during their lifetime. In 2022, The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 5,380 new cases of breast cancer in Wisconsin. Early diagnosis is key to helping create better outcomes. Access to screening can be limited among people with lower incomes and who lack health insurance.

To bridge this gap, the Wisconsin Well Woman Program (WWWP) offers free breast exams, mammograms and other diagnostic tests for women ages 45-64 (or under 45, for those with a current breast concern), who have limited income and insurance.

“It is important to know when to have your first mammogram and how often to be screened,” said Dawn Henslee, WWWP Program Specialist. “Being able to talk with a doctor about your personal circumstances, risk factors and screening options can be life changing. This is a particularly important message for Black women since they tend to be screened and diagnosed less frequently than white women but die from the disease more often.”

The Well Woman Program has been providing free breast cancer screening for eligible residents in Dane and Rock County since 1994. The WWWP administered through Public Health Madison and Dane County serves more than 700 women each year.

"Enrollment for the program is quick and easy and can be completed over the phone in 10 minutes," said Henslee.

Women can call (608) 242-6385 to enroll. Once enrolled, exams are available at 25 clinics in Dane and Rock counties. For more information about free breast cancer screenings visit the Public Health website.

Para información en español llame al (608) 242-6235.