Data Quality Notes

On August 1, 2023, we identified a data reporting issue from one health system. We are working with the health system to correct the numbers. Once we receive accurate numbers, we anticipate the hospitalization numbers from October 1, 2022 to August 1, 2023 will be lower than currently presented. We will post an update when we have one.

Archive of previous COVID-19 dashboard (no longer updated)

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Dashboard Schedule

Data are updated Wednesdays at noon. If we experience a delay in receiving data files, data will be updated at 4:30pm or as soon as we are able. Please check the timestamp on the landing page to determine when the dashboard was last updated. The dashboard will not be updated on observed holidays. 

Data Snapshot

Snapshots were published through May 18, 2023 and were discontinued past that date. Past data snapshots can be found below. 

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  • 2022 Snapshots (Issued weekly from January through March, then twice a month from April through October, then monthly in November and December)
  • 2021 Snapshots (Issued weekly)
  • 2020 Snapshots (Issued weekly, starting on March 22, 2020)

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Data Notes and Frequently Asked Questions

Consult the link above for data notes on the dashboard and for frequently asked questions.

Comparison to Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Data

The numbers presented on this local dashboard may not match the numbers presented for Dane County on the DHS COVID-19 data pages. This can be due to timing of when data are posted, or the way we assign dates to cases and tests. DHS often uses the earliest date of either symptom onset or test specimen collected date as the date a case is counted. We use the date of test result, as this is the date the person is known to have COVID-19.

Special COVID Reports

COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage among People Receiving Homeless Services in Dane County (October 2021)