The cover of our 2022 annual report, which is a picture of kids playing with inflatable balls outsideToday we proudly present our 2022 Annual Report! The Annual Report gives you a glimpse into our work and key accomplishments throughout the year.

Read 2022 Annual Report

Here’s what you will find in the 2022 Annual Report:

Infrastructure Overview

If you’re unfamiliar with our agency, page 2 provides an overview of our agency: our budget, our Board of Health, and our five divisions: Community Health; Policy, Planning, and Evaluation; Environmental Health Services; COVID Response and Recovery; and Operations.

Examples of Work

As a local health department, we work across something called the Social Ecological Model—this means we provide some individual services all the way up to working on policies that affect everyone in the county. On page 3, we provide a few examples of how we work at each of these social levels.

By the Numbers Snapshot

We did the math and tabulated a few ways to look at our work “By the Numbers”. On page four, you’ll see a snapshot of things like how many animal service calls we respond to in the average week, how many WIC clients we serve in a month, and how many COVID-related community engagement sessions we held in a year.

Key Program Accomplishments

On pages 5-16 we take a look at each of our programs, with an explanation of what each one does and a few of their key accomplishments from 2022.

We’re so proud to serve this community, and we look forward to all we can achieve with you in 2023.

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