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If you’re new to the data snapshot, we publish a weekly summary of the status for each of our metrics (you can find past issues on our data and metrics page). The data below are from April 26 to May 9.

This period there was an average of 43 cases per day, which is the lowest average since August.

Cases decreased during this 14-day period. There was an average of 43 cases per day, which is the lowest we’ve had since August! 8% of cases were UW students or staff and 53% of tests were conducted by UW’s University Health Services (UHS). Our percent positivity is 1.1%. When excluding cases and tests from UHS, Dane County still has a low percent positivity of 2.1%.

Over the past four weeks, cases have decreased among ages 12-29 and 40-49 and remained stable among all other age groups.

There are no age groups that are increasing. There was only an average of one case per day among ages 70+ during this 14-day period. Our chart on page five of the Snapshot outlines cases among each group compared to the prior two weeks.

61.8% of Dane County residents have at least one dose of vaccine, which is the highest in the state.

Among all people in Dane County, 61.8% of Dane County residents have received at least one dose of vaccine, which is the highest among all counties in the state. Over half (51.4%) of Dane County residents have completed the vaccine series.

Among the age 16+ population in Dane County, 75.3% have received at least one dose of vaccine. As of today, May 13, kids 12-15 are newly eligible to receive vaccine in Wisconsin (see next section for details). If we included this group in the eligible (12+) population today, that would mean that currently 71% of the eligible population has at least one dose of vaccine.

Based on our current 7-day average of 757 newly vaccinated people per day, we could expect 80% of the 16+ Dane County population to have at least one dose of vaccine by June 9. Next week this projection will include people 12+, as they are newly eligible for vaccine as of today.

People ages 12 and older are now eligible to receive vaccine.

As of May 13, 2021, Wisconsin vaccinators can now administer the Pfizer vaccine to kids 12-15. This means an additional 25,000-30,000 people in our county are now eligible for vaccination.

If you’re a parent looking to make an appointment for your child, we encourage you to check with your doctor’s office or local pharmacy, stop by a pop-up clinic offering Pfizer vaccine, or make an appointment with us at Alliant Energy Center. We are strongly encouraging people to make an appointment to come to the Alliant Energy Center. People can still drop-in during clinic hours, but there could be a very long wait and no guarantees we’ll still have enough vaccine available. If you book an appointment, we can set aside a vaccine specifically for you or your child.

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