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If you’re new to the data snapshot, we publish a weekly summary of the status for each of our metrics (you can find past issues on our data and metrics page). The data below are from March 1 to March 14.

There was a significant decrease in cases associated with UW during this period and no significant change in non-UW cases.

21% of cases were UW students or staff and 73% of tests were conducted by UW’s University Health Services (UHS). When excluding cases and tests from UHS, Dane County still has a low percent positivity of 2.2%. As we shared last week, maintaining a high level of testing is important for quickly identifying people who have COVID-19, ensuring they can quickly isolate, and rapidly starting contact tracing. We are happy to see such a high level of testing is happening in Dane County, particularly on campus! If you need testing, there are lots of options throughout the county.

More than 85% of people aged 65+ have at least one dose of vaccine, which is the third highest percentage among Wisconsin counties.

There are dozens of vaccinators in Dane County who are working together to quickly vaccinate people in our county. 27.4% of the Dane County population has at least one dose of vaccine. 17.3% of the Dane County population has completed their series. An average of 4,272 doses of vaccine were administered to Dane County residents each day during this 14-day period, which is a 27% increase from last week.

Visit our website for eligibility details and learn more about where to get vaccinated.

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