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The data snapshot is released twice per month. You can find past issues on our data and dashboard page. The data below are from September 19-October 2. To learn more about CDC recommendations based on our data, visit the CDC Community Levels page.

Key messages from today’s Data Snapshot

  • Cases decreased during this 14-day period with an average of 120 confirmed cases per day. The number of people hospitalized with COVID in Dane County hospitals was stable with an average of 54 people hospitalized each day. Percent positivity during this 14-day period was 9.3% and an average of 1,283 PCR tests were conducted per day.

  • Over the past four weeks, confirmed and probable cases decreased among ages 5-7, 8-11, 12-17, 18-22, and 23-29, and were stable among all other age groups. Ages 70-79 currently have the highest confirmed case rate at 29.1 per 100,000 per day, and ages 18-22 have the highest percent positivity at 12.6%. See page 3 of the 9/1/22 data snapshot for things to consider when making interpretations based on data points such as number of cases, cases by age and age trends, and percent positivity.

  • Wastewater monitoring is becoming increasingly useful as more people take at-home/antigen tests which don’t get counted as confirmed COVID cases. There are two sewersheds in Dane County participating in COVID wastewater monitoring: Madison and Sun Prairie. Madison currently has a low wastewater level of COVID while Sun Prairie has a moderate level, and neither are currently experiencing a significant increase.
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