• Hunger Knows No Season Posted 11/25/2019

    While we may think of food pantries and free meal sites around the holidays, the reality is that a number of households in Dane County, many of them with children, struggle to put food on the table all year long. When a household is food secure, it means that they have regular, guaranteed access to enough food at all times so that everyone in the household can lead a healthy and active life. Read more »
  • One in Five Wisconsin High Schoolers Vape—A Public Health Crisis Posted 10/23/2019

    An unregulated industry, it’s difficult to know what is in e-cigarettes and vapes, and at what levels. What we do know is that these products contain nicotine, with some cartridges having as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Read more »
  • How We’re Working Upstream to Prevent Violence Posted 09/24/2019

    Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home and community. Violence occurs in various forms, including but not limited to child abuse and neglect, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, self-directed violence, and community violence. It is a complex problem which requires a long-term commitment and the buy-in and collaboration of multiple partners and sectors. Read more »
  • Celebrating Partners Working Toward Breastfeeding Equity Posted 05/03/2019

    Despite known benefits, some families are less likely to start and continue breastfeeding. Structural racism, lack of social support, problems pumping at work, and other factors impact breastfeeding rates across racial and age groups in Dane County. Read more »

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