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Creating Health and Racial Equity is both a core value and a strategic priority for Public Health Madison & Dane County. We believe that health outcomes should not be determined by race, gender, income, or any other group status; everyone deserves to live in a community that supports healthy living.

Our vision for health equity is that all people in Dane County will have fair and just opportunities to be healthy. This cannot happen without confronting and addressing the obstacles that make it more difficult for certain groups and individuals to be healthy because of their race, class, gender, sexual orientation and ability.

Our strategic plan intentionally looks to embed health and racial equity into programs, policies, practices and operations, and to advance health and racial equity in the community.  Specifically, our internal goal to create a highly effective organization states that we are "strengthening PHMDC to improve the health of our community by committing to equity, inclusion and anti-racism in our work."  


  • We will be a highly effective organization that operates with health and racial equity as a guiding principle.
  • Health outcomes in Dane County will not be determined by race, class, gender, income or other group status.


  • Build health and racial equity into agency operations.


  • Create measurable health and racial equity goals and outcomes that align with our strategic plan.
  • Assess, evaluate, and continually report on organizational progress toward equity goals.
  • Develop internal competency in health and racial equity knowledge and skills.
  • Develop a systematic process for recruitment, hiring, promotion, and retention through an equity framework.
  • Build and sustain relationships that advance racial equity initiatives.
  • Provide clear and consistent communication to our staff about HRE goals, objectives, and progress.

Learn more: Madison-Dane County Embeds Health and Racial Equity Capacity, HealthEquityGuide.org