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PHMDC is required to have an "Affiliation Agreement" in place with any academic institution that has students placed with PHMDC. This is to protect PHMDC, the student and the school. See the link for a list of schools/programs that already have an affiliation agreement. If an affiliation agreement is not already in place, please ensure that your advisor receives a copy of the agreement as well as the guidance (both can be found in the links). PHMDC cannot accept students/interns unless an affiliation agreement is in place.

Several University of Wisconsin colleges/departments already have an agreement in place. If you attend a UW program that does not have an agreement in place, the student should contact Lesly Scott to initiate the contract process as soon as possible.

If you attend a college that does not have an affiliation agreement, please review a copy of the agreement. This document contains legal and program requirements and cannot be changed. If the academic institution cannot sign PHMDC's affiliation agreement, the student should seek opportunities through other organizations.

This guidance is not intended to be legal advice on affiliation agreements, but it reflects PHMDC's experience.

Q: Why does the School have to file a Civil Rights Plan, Affirmative Action plan and submit to the jurisdiction of the Dane County Equal Rights office?

A: PHMDC is a joint department of the City of Madison and Dane County, but it follows Dane County's Civil Rights and Affirmative Action policies for contracting. The affiliation agreement contains standard, mandatory contract language on these subjects, but has exemptions. Some provisions will not apply since there will be no exchange of funds, while others will not apply if the academic institution is a government agency that already has its own civil rights compliance and affirmative action plan. The section on Bilingual Services (7.C) will not apply since the academic institution will not be providing client services. Please read paragraph 7 carefully to determine if your organization is exempt from some or all of these policies.

Q: Why must the School provide insurance for the student?

A: General liability insurance is required for all student placements (14.B), but medical malpractice is not. Auto insurance is required only if the student will be using a motor vehicle during their placement (not including commuting to and from the worksite). Your school business manager or risk manager can contact the Dane County Risk Manager with specific insurance questions at or (608) 266-4134.

Q: Will the student be trained on HIPAA confidentiality policies?

A: HIPPA compliance training will be provided by PHMDC so that the student/intern is aware of PHMDC's policies on confidentiality.

Q: Why is it necessary for the School to indemnify PHMDC, the City of Madison, the County of Dane, and the Board of Health?

A: PHMDC is a joint department of both the municipalities of the City of Madison and the County of Dane. The Board of Health is the statutory body that governs the operations of PHMDC. A student/intern will not be allowed to do a rotation if the academic institution cannot agree to indemnify each of these entities (para. 15.A.). Also - in order for PHMDC to offer this opportunity we must be assured that it will not result in a workers compensation claim. While the student/intern is not an employee or volunteer (para.1) and is not eligible for worker's compensation (para.13), a student/intern could submit a claim to the state, so indemnification is required specifically for worker's compensation (15.B).

Q: Can this agreement be modified?

A: No. In order to accommodate the most students and make this an efficient process for all, PHMDC requires the School to sign this agreement.