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"Preventable oral diseases still afflict the majority of America's children. This is especially true for children from families with low incomes, children in minority groups and children with special health care needs. These children experience greater levels of disease and unmet need and bear most of the burden of unnecessary pain, suffering and compromise to their total health. In the United States, 25% of children and adolescents— typically the most vulnerable— experience 80% of all dental decay occurring in permanent teeth."

– from "Oral Disease: A Crisis Among Children of Poverty"

Our community of Madison and Dane County mirrors this national information. There are many citizens who do not have access to preventive or restorative oral health care. They are the homeless, families in poverty, those who are uninsured or underinsured, the disabled and those with special healthcare needs and older adults on limited incomes, just to name a few.

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For a local resource guide that includes oral health care resources available in our community, as well as ideas for ways to access dental care:

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Oral Health Advocacy

PHMDC is an active partner of the Oral Health Coalition of Dane County, a community collaboration of individuals and agencies with an interest in local oral health issues.

  • Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition is a state planning coalition group consisting of diverse public and private partnerships, works to create meaningful change to improve oral health and access to care in Wisconsin.
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