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Image: Safety & Injury Prevention
Injuries are a significant public health problem in Dane County, Wisconsin and the nation causing needless pain and suffering as well as emotional and financial stress.

  • Unintentional injuries and suicide (intentional injuries) are among the top ten causes of death for Dane County residents and the leading cause of death for those aged 15-44.
  • The five leading causes of injury deaths in Dane County are poisoning, falls, motor vehicle crashes, suffocation and firearms.
  • Injuries are predictable and preventable and should NOT be considered "accidents."

Public Health Madison & Dane County reviews data to determine how and why injuries occur, then works with multidisciplinary partners on strategies to prevent inuries from occurring. Strategies include changing individual and community behavior, eliminating environmental hazards and unsafe products, and implementing policy change.

Injury prevention education is integrated in public health services provided to families and children. In addition, Public Health Madison & Dane County partners with communities and organizations such as Safe Communities, Madison Area Safe Kids Coalition and the American Family Children's Hospital Kohl's Safety Center to develop and implement evidence-based approaches to reduce injuries.