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Chronic Disease PreventioN

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Chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes , lung disease and cancer are the leading causes of death and disability in Dane County, in Wisconsin and the entire United States. To a large degree, these diseases can be prevented, delayed and controlled, allowing for longer and healthier lives. Public Health Madison and Dane County works to prevent the leading chronic diseases by reducing the most important underlying causes or risk factors: smoking, obesity, poor diet and lack of physical activity.

Key Contacts
Healthy Communities Awards Program and Outreach
(608) 243-0315

Chronic Disease Surveillance and All Other Prevention Activities
(608) 243-0361

Tobacco Free Columbia-Dane County Coalition
(608) 242-6297

Smoking Ordinance Enforcement
(608) 243-0330

Quit Smoking Information
(608) 266-4821

Wisconsin Well Woman Program
(608) 242-6392
(608) 242-6235 (Spanish)

Health Screening Resources
(608) 266-4821