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Taking Care Of Our Beaches: A Job For All Of Us

  • If it's on the street today, a good rain will send it into our area lakes tomorrow. That's why it takes an entire city to help maintain healthy lakes for everyone to enjoy.
  • If you see something going into the storm sewer or into a lake that looks unusual, you should tell someone about it. Anything with an unusual color or odor, or unusual floating objects should be reported to the PHMDC, Environmental Protection Unit. The number to call is (608)266-4821.
  • You should always remember that anything you discard or place on the street ultimately reaches the lake and degrades there. That includes leaves, lawn clippings and trash.

Here is a list of steps you can take to protect our lakes and the environment:

  • Conserve Water. Excessive water stresses sewage treatment plants, particularly during heavy rains, which may lead to sewer overflows.
  • Direct all domestic wastewater to a sanitary sewer or approved septic system and properly maintain the septic system.
  • Limit your use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on lawns and gardens and follow label directions.
  • Keep pet waste, debris, and trash (including leaves and grass clippings) out of gutters, sidewalks, streets, storm sewers and lakes.
  • Alert the Department of Public Health if you see conditions that are degrading our environment (spills, unusual conditions, odors, color or erosion from construction sites).
  • Wash your car in a location where the wastewater will soak into the ground and not run off into the gutter and storm sewer.
  • Divert your roof drains to a grass or gravel area that will collect the sediment. Do not direct the downspouts directly to the street, driveway, or paved area that drain to the storm sewer.
  • Repair vehicles in a location where leaks and spills cannot flow to a storm drain.
  • Take your household chemicals and other household hazardous waste to Hazardous Materials / Clean Sweep, and used automobile oil to one of the drop-off sites to be recycled. Never drain oil or automobile fluids onto the streets or to the ground surface.