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Memorial Union (Pier) Beach

Lake Mendota

Address: 800 Langdon Street, Madison
Directions: Just off Memorial Union Terrace
Description: The swimming pier is located just off of the Memorial Union Terrace. The swimming area is at the end of the pier; there is virtually no beach area.
Water Quality Monitoring: PHMDC
For safety and amenity information, please contact the park office at (608) 262-5865.

Message from PHMDC

Public Health Madison - Dane County tested bacteria levels at the beaches on July 19, 2017. The results were acceptable. The shallow, near-shore water temperature was 77°F. Algae levels vary over time depending on waves and wind. Use common sense and avoid contact with algal blooms that you may observe. Do not let children or pets play in areas where blue-green algae blooms are evident.