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Public Health Madison & Dane County licenses and inspects almost 400 indoor and outdoor swimming and whirlpools. These pools include hotel/motels, apartments, schools, health clubs and country club.

Public Health Sanitarians conduct monthly visits at pools to check for safety and water quality issues. The water is tested for chlorine or bromine, pH, total bacteria, presence of coliform bacteria and upon request, pseudomonas bacteria. The pool is also inspected for safety hazards including: loose/broken drain covers, condition of fencing around outdoor pools, loose ladders, foreign objects in pool area, presence of safety equipment, operational emergency phone, posting of emergency numbers, access to first aid equipment, and operational drinking fountains.

Pools are inspected annually to verify all pools meet the code requirements outlined in Chapter SPS 390 of Design and Construction of Public Swimming Pools and Water Attractions and Chapter DHS 172 of Safety, Maintenance and Operation of Public Swimming Pools. Some basic code requirements sanitarians inspect for are proper signage of pool rules, capacity, operational recirculation system, accurate daily testing logs, and all other safety and health regulations.

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