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Food & Drink LICENSING

Licensing Process

  1. Complete the Food and Drink Licensing Application (PDF)
  2. Pay the fees: Food and Drink Licensing Fees (PDF)
  3. Submit application and fee to the City Clerk's Office listed on the application.
  4. For new establishments or remodels, send a copy of the floor plans to the Health Department, 2300 S. Park St., Room 2010, Madison, WI, 53713 or email Public Health.
  5. Food and Drink licenses are issued after the application and fees have been processed and an inspector conducts a pre-inspection and approves the license.
  6. For questions and/or a pre-inspection, please contact the Health Department.

All food related licensing fees in Madison and Dane County are handled by the City of Madison Clerk's Office.

Key Contacts
Environmental Health
2300 S. Park St., Rm. 2010
Madison, WI 53713
TEL: (608) 242-6515
FAX: (608) 242-6435
Email: Public Health