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Needle Exchange

Sharing and re-using syringes can transmit disease, such as HIV and hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Needle Exchange can prevent this transmission. Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC) Needle Exchange provides:

  • New syringes and other items to help reduce disease transmission. No questions asked and no names used.
  • Disposal of used needles. Please bring your dirty needles.
  • HIV antibody testing, hepatitis testing, hepatitis A and B vaccines, condoms, and other health referrals upon request.

Needle Exchange is available at all PHMDC HIV testing sites:

Call (608) 243-0411 during business hours if you have questions.

For more information on harm reduction and safer injecting practices:

Key Contacts
STI/HIV Info Line:
(608) 243-0411

Other Needle Exchange Programs in Dane Co.

  • Networks
    (AIDS Network):

    (608) 516-2158
  • Lifepoint
    (AIDS Resource Center of WI):

    (608) 332-6169