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TB Treatment


There are several different treatment options for TB:

Treatment for Latent TB Infection

Since latent TB infection can remain dormant for many years, many people who are infected take a preventive antibiotic.

Why do I need to take it for so long when I don't feel sick?

The TB bacteria is very slow growing and the antibiotic works while the bacteria is multiplying. If you don't take it for the prescribed time, you may not kill all the bacteria. Latent TB infection does not cause symptoms so the medicine is not to improve symptoms, but to prevent you from developing TB disease in the future.

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treatment for active tb disease

TB disease is very serious for the sick person and for others. Appropriate treatment is vital so that the ill person recovers and so that they stop being infectious.

Most people with TB disease will start off taking 4 different antibiotics. Most people take medicine for 6 to 9 months.

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