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The Wisconsin Well Woman Program and Treatment Access Fund have been a great help to me as I battle metastatic breast cancer. For years I have not had a computer, and I have spent so much time at libraries signing up for computer time and waiting in line to use a computer. Though I am very computer savy I always lacked the funds  to purchase a computer. I mentioned this need to my case manager with the Wisconsin Well Woman Program and she was instrumental in making everything happen! She made it possible for me to get a computer and a brand new printer for free. I feel grateful, blessed and very very fortunate for the help the Wisconsin Well Woman program and the Treatment Access Fund have provided.

-Submitted by DS
I am a 57 year old woman. I live on my own and I am individually responsible mentally, physically, financially and emotionally for every obligation necessary to thrive in life. This was sometimes stressful but I was positive and worked hard to maintain a healthy, happy quality of life. I was not prepared for crisis and the sudden diagnosis of breast cancer. I quickly realized my life was being turned upside down and my ability to hold it all together was threatened. I entered this year long battle not only fighting breast cancer but knowing I had to do my best to hold together the only life I had.

The challenge was huge and I would not have been able to escape the crisis with my life intact without the services available through the WI Well Woman Program. Not only was I able to sustain the life I had but the WI Well Woman Program and staff continue to support me as I now begin the long healing process.

-Submitted by FL